Saturday, January 15, 2011

Valentine's Royal-Tea - Part 1

Every girl ought to feel like a Princess around Valentine's! It's a celebration of love, be it from family, friends or a handsome fella. Nobody has to forgo a party or only celebrate with a beau.

So I am planing a Valentine's tea for my friends with a Royal twist. I'll gather ideas here slowly but surely. The princess vibe is going to be vintage and victorian as opposed to Disney.

My first idea is to have supplies to create decorative crowns, like the one pictured above. Thus far I've discovered wall-paper may be a good material for the craft. Apart from that, I'll need ribbon, metallic paints and any other sparkly I can get my hands on.

Another idea is customizing the invitations. Every guest will be dubbed a specific princess for the celebration and their invite will reflect it. For example, snow white would have an apple motif. For this I just need some stiff paper and decent clip art.

A great thing about valentines is the opportunity for such feminine and delicate treats! I am already plotting food with a royal twist. That castle cake mold is going to be put to good use, but I'll expound on the food later.


Hello, dear reader!

Welcome to my indulgent corner of the web. I intend to use this blog to track crafts, decor and dinners, mostly seasonal. I love themes and I love having a few friends over for good food and a bit of whimsy. In my heart I want to be Martha Stewart, but I am a bit too busy and poor to pull it off.

I called this blog Tiny Graces, because I think graciousness in the home is one of life's loveliest things. I may not be able to pull it off on a grand scale, but I can at least have a few tiny delights.