Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kaitlynn's Baby Shower

Thanks for visiting the page for Kaitlynn's baby shower! I plan to update this post as the day gets closer, so please check back in.

The baby girl has been affectionately nicknamed Tater-Tot, since the name Tatum is being tossed around. Names aren't the only things being tossed around, though. The ever moving baby already has a bit of a rambunctious spirit. I'm sure Kathy and David find this wonderfully apropos.

The shower is being held at the lovely Charlene Spangrud's home in Huntington Beach. An RSVP can be texted to the number on the invite (please include your name/s) or emailed to

Kaitlynn has expressed the only gift she requires is the presence of friends and family. So do not feel obligated to bring anything but your happy self.

(But if some of you feel an overpowering need to help feather the baby bird's nest, a little list can be found here. As the parents live in Seattle, I would suggest shipped items or gift cards.)


A note on the registry. Most the items can be found at Baby's R Us or Target. One does not have to buy the item through Amazon. Please be so kind as to "reserve" the item on the Amazon list so there are no duplicates. Additionally, there will be some space for items to be taken home by the proud parents.

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  1. This is Nonnie again -

    Just in case anyone wants to know where Kaitlynn is registered you can simply click on the link below:

    Hope to see you all at the shower!!